September 18th, 2014



Google-переводчик добился невероятных успехов.
Нам, переводчика-людям, скоро нечего будет делать и мы потеряем последние заказы.
Введите это предложение и убедитесь:
With a view to ensuring the protection of people and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation, the IAEA safety standards establish fundamental safety principles, requirements and measures to control the radiation exposure of people and the release of radioactive material to the environment, to restrict the likelihood of events that might lead to a loss of control over a nuclear reactor core, nuclear chain reaction, radioactive source or any other source of radiation, and to mitigate the consequences of such events if they were to occur.

Заодно хочу проверить кросспостинг в ФБ.